Pinch Hitter Course


Just like when one baseball team member steps in to bat for another team member, a spouse or loved one will step in to land the aircraft for the pilot.  The Pinch Hitter Course is designed to provide comfort in knowing, that in the unfortunate event the pilot becomes unable to fly, that the non-pilot will be able to safely take the controls and land the airplane.  The course focuses on radio communication, descending, and landing the airplane.  The course may be performed in FLIGHT SCHOOL of Anderson's aircraft, the owner's aircraft or a combination of both.  Performing this wonderful course through the years has proven not only comfort and confidence to the non-pilot but, has also excited the interest of the non-pilot to increase their enjoyment on those trips with their loved ones.  Once learning the thrill of controlling the airplane, some non-pilots have even gone on to become pilots themselves.   Although a person may take as many lessons as they feel comfortable with, the Pinch Hitter course usually involves 5 lessons that include ground discussions and flight training.