Photo Highlights

Congratulations to Rick Williford on his first solo flight in nine years! 7/27/2019 Congratulations to Natalie Galloway! Private Pilot! 7/17/2019 CFI Michael Curry congratulates Natalie on her achievement Congratulations to our newest Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot, Logan Mcallister! 5/30/2019 Maggie Mayeux, Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot! 5/28/2019 Examiner Tom Burke and Cyndy Hollman congratulate Maggie on her accomplishment Congratulations to Bryan Keith Smith on achieving his Commercial Pilot Certificate! 5/28/2019 Congratulations to Austin Stockwell! Commercial Pilot! 5/26/2019 Austin Stockwell, Commercial Pilot Congratulations to Thomas Watts! First Solo Flight! 5/14/2019 Congratulations to our newest Private Pilot, Monica Colwell! 5/8/2019 Mike Griffith congratulates his student, Monica for achieving her Private Pilot Certificate Congratulations to Craig Slater! Instrument Rated Pilot! 4/17/2019 Josh congratulates his student Craig Slater on his achievement Congratulations to Nick Tousey! Instrument Rated Pilot! 4/11/2019 Nasser Elkhatib, Commercial Pilot! 3/28/2019 Nasser Elkhatib and his Pilot Examiner, Cyndy Hollman Michael congratulates Nasser on his Commercial Pilot Certificate Ryan McCutchen, Private Pilot! March 12th, 2019 Mike congratulates Ryan on his most recent accomplishment Congratulations to Zachary Lake on his first Solo Flight! 3/8/2019 Congratulation to our latest Commercial Rated Pilot, Maggie Mayeux! 2/14/2019 Michael Curry congratulates Maggie on her achievement Congratulations to Michael Chang! Private Pilot 2/2/2019 Mike congratulates Michael Chang on completing his goal of Private Pilot

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