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Unfortunately, we no longer offer training out of Anderson, South Carolina. However, we still offer the same great training with more airplanes and more instructors out of the Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU). Please visit or contact Flight School of Greenville’s chief instructor at (864) 313-5658. We appreciate your understanding.


Private Pilot Training

We offer a flexible training schedule to meet your needs. Averaging 24 lessons to the finish line, you may schedule one, two, or more lessons a week, including weekends. By using a proven syllabus, you and your instructor will stay on track to complete your training with the lowest possible hours, which means the lowest possible cost.

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Instrument Training

Getting your instrument rating is one of the best things you can do to improve your skill as a pilot. Having your rating often allows you to complete a flight that otherwise would be delayed or canceled due to weather. The statistics show that getting your instrument rating makes you a much safer pilot.

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Commercial Pilot Training

The Most Cost Effective Way to Improve Your Skills and Start Earning a Living in an Airplane. If you are considering a career in aviation, this is the beginning of that career. If a career in aviation is not your goal, a commercial license will make you a safer and more efficient pilot.

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